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SGS Ltd. is a Channel Islands registered trading company specialising in Internet related ventures.

It comprises the following brands.
Byte Art is an award winning new media agency and Internet development house. It specialises in creating solutions for areas such as e-commerce, intranet and web site development.

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Linesnapper is a dedicated Internet marketing agency specialising in services such as search engine ranking, online advertising and viral marketing.

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CInames.com is the first specialist domain registration service based in the Channel Islands dedicated to offering Internet domain registration at VAT free prices together with a fast, easy to use and informative service.

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Offshore Search Ltd. is an online resource for private individuals and companies who are seeking to take advantage of the opportunities available offshore. A wide range of service listings are provided including Offshore Accoutants, Lawyers, Banks, Investment, Investment Managers, Fund Managers, Insurance and Recruitment. SGS group own 50% of this company.

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Easy Tiger is the brand behind the SGS Group's range of offshore E-commerce ventures.

Zoom Labs operate SGS web sites that generate revenue based on subscription and advertising fees.

Caged Tigers maintains the underlying network and communications infrastructure which allows SGS companies to operate.

A London based “clinic” discretely helping our clients find happiness through online dating. They cater for a professional and executive city clientele and personally assist them with a range of relationship services.
Investor Information
SGS Ltd. is currently a privately owned limited company. However we may in the future be looking to launch the group as a publicly listed company. If you would like to be kept informed of future developments please enter your details here.

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Contact Information
If you wish to contact one of the SGS companies above please visit their respective web site (see above) and use the contact details provided there. Alternatively if you wish to contact SGS then please use the details below.

SGS Ltd.
PO Box 565

Tel. +44 (0)1481 711611
Fax. +44(0)870 123 6196

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